Eye, Hand, Heart

Hello, you fine faithful few: The thing is, I've actually got lots of stuff to write about, I've just been terribly procrastinatory about actually posting it. I plan to get to it all very soon. Although I say that to myself almost every day . . .

But in the interim, I thought I'd share this quote from David Hockney, whom I've been reading a lot these days. It's, well, unfashionable; it may even be downright cheesy; and the sentiment it espouses, untrammeled by finer discrimination, may lead to absolutely terrible artwork. But I don't care.

When the eye, the hand and the heart come together, that's when you get the greatest art. I think that's profoundly true. And the eye links to the hand, and the heart gives the love. That's where the creativity comes from — the heart.