The View from the New Studio

new-studio-view I've been a bad blogger lately; I've really fallen behind on the two posts-a-week goal I set myself when I started out. Can we chalk it up to general February malaise? I've been working away in the studio, but usually when I get home I succumb to the allure of the cocktail (and being such a lightweight these days, one beer is enough to loop me), and then I just cannot face the whole downloading jpgs from the camera and cleaning them up in Photoshop thing. Let alone the whole writing a coherent post thing.

But. It's almost March. Yesterday I saw the tender new spears of crocuses (croci?) shooting up from the dirt, and I felt new energy. And I have a new studio! My old landlord (who turned out to be a bit of a sleaze) was upping the rent to unsustainable levels (it was already pretty high), so I started hunting for a new studio back in January. It was pretty anxiety-producing - there being a much smaller stock of good artist studios in Portland than I had imagined before we moved here - and I was worried I wasn't going to be able to find anything a) suitable let alone b) more affordable.

After a couple weeks, and with great good luck, I managed to find one that is both. It's in a building quite close to my current studio, and the landlord owns several other artist buildings in Portland. His name is Ken Unkeles, and he seems like both a responsive landlord, and someone who actually cares about the arts:  apparently he never raises the rent on his tenants, so if I'm still there in five years, I'll still be paying the same amount. It's 300 sq. ft., so less than the 500 sq. feet I have now, but perfectly spacious, and with a window looking out on my favorite bridge in Portland, lots of entertaining industrial action, and the West Hills across the Willamette River. I find it captivating.