"Mote" comes along

headcase-16 headcase-151

Until this point, I have posted the progressive images of the paintings with the most recent stage coming last. However, I'm now changing the order, because I think it makes more sense to put the latest version at the top, and then one can scroll down to see what has come before. Frankly, this blog template is far from perfect for my purposes:  the vertical progression of images doesn't really work very well. Ideally the images would scroll horizontally, allowing for the side-by-side comparison of successive states. I've been coming to the conclusion that to really have this website function the way I want it to, I'm going to have to spend some money and get one designed and built to my specifications. But it took me a while struggling with the limitations of this free template to realize all the features I actually needed.

This painting is entering the final stages. I settled on the purpley-brown color after toying with the idea of having a more layered/distressed background around the body, but decided there was enough action in the top half of the painting and just to keep it simple.