Study for 'Adumbrate'

So, this painting was meant as a study for a larger painting of the same subject (for which the title - 'Adumbrate' - just suddenly came to me): untitled-tree-legs-man

Untitled, oil on linen, 16" x 12", 2008

I have the larger canvas all prepared - it is 48" x 36" - but it had been a while since I worked on this, and I wanted to think again about how to I was going to handle the foliage part of the painting before plunging in. Having had such a happy experience making the watercolor of the peony back in December, I thought I'd make a watercolor/graphite version of this idea, to see how using a plant with much larger leaves - a philodendron - would play out in relation to the scale of the body.





It isn't finished yet, but it's getting close.

Some details: