woman-tree-legs15 This painting is stuck right now.  I want to finish it, and move my thoughts on to other paintings, very badly. But I just can't figure out what to do to make that happen. It is a kind of failure of vision:  I look and look but the forms stubbornly refuse to coalesce into resolution. All I can do is wait it out:  wait for the moment when I look at the painting and the solution - or at least the next action - proposes itself to my mind's eye. It might be a small adjustment, or something large and radical. But no matter how much I desire this revelation, it seemingly cannot be forced.

The legs are basically done, except for the right foot which needs a final pass. The main issue is that I can't figure out how to resolve the foliage, and I'm hampered by the fact that the potted peony, which I had been using as a model, has died:


When I bought it, at the beginning of September, I knew that it wouldn't make it through the winter as a potted indoor plant, but I was blithely certain that the painting would be finished by Christmas - three whole months away! How could I not finish a 16" x 12" painting in three goddamn months??