Dying Peony

girl-tree-legs-14 Um. I just realized that the horizon line is nowhere near horizontal. How could I not have noticed that it has a distinct slant to the right? 

In other potential problem areas, I've been away from the studio for almost a week over Christmas, and I turned the space heaters off and let everything go into cold storage. I took almost all my plants home, except for my pomegranate tree, which has been struggling with an epic scale infestation, two succulents, and the peony that has been my model for this painting. I wasn't sure how long it would survive indoors in its pot - planted outside, they die back in the winter and re-leaf in the spring - but I think it's now coming to the end of its rope. When I left, stems were turning brown and the leaves, which had become very brittle, were starting to desiccate further and droop ominously. I'm afraid to go back to my icy studio and find that it's totally dead! How am I going to finish this painting without the peony to work from??