headcase-11 Whoa!!

I know, right? The brown?? Crazy!

I don't know, I was just looking over at this painting leaning against the wall one night, right before I was about to leave the studio, and I just suddenly realized that the green background was kind of . . . blah. Nothing was popping, there was no good contrast, it needed to be darker. But a darker version of the green wasn't the answer. And then I thought of a nice, rich brown. And before I could think too much about it, or talk myself out of it, I just whacked it in there.  While I was doing it,  I was thinking, Man, I hope this isn't a terrible, terrible mistake. And then I left. I know a lot of artists who claim that they do their best work, or at least make their most interesting decisions when they're overtired in the studio, too tired to over-think stuff. I don't generally find this to be true for myself for the same reason I never pulled all-nighters in college: not only does my brain stop functioning when I'm tired, but I get lazy. All I want is to GO TO BED RIGHT NOW. But occasionally the too-tired in the studio trick can produce a hat-rabbit for me. When I came back the next day I thought, hmmmm, I can work with this. If it's not totally right yet, if it's now calling a bunch of other parts of the painting into question,  it's at least a lot better than it was before, and that's mostly what I hope for after a days work, you know?