A Pithy Nugget

A quote from Dave Hickey that for some reason has stuck in my head for years. And which seems apropos, for a blog about art:

To put it simply:  art ain't rocket science, and beyond a proclivity to respond and permission to do so, there are no prerequisites for looking at it.

Taken out of the context of the essay ("Dealing"), it does seem like he's making excuses for people who say the equivalent of things like, "I don't know much about music but I know what I like," (which he isn't) but I just kind of love that sentence. I think maybe it's all the 'p's - proclivity, permission, prerequisite. I've always been a sucker for alliteration.

The rest of the paragraph:

This is the first thing I learned as an art dealer, because everyone who came into my little store - the paper boy, the mailman, the plumber, the tourists, the hippies, and the suburban matrons - "understood" what was going on, even when they did not approve. They may have objected to the political or sexual content, but they had no ontological problem with giant paintings or scruffy push-pinned drawings - with neon and press-type stuck to the walls - or with piles of debris on the floor. Some were just  more interested than others.