Another Tree Person

tree-person-diptych-11 tree-person-diptych-2


I've started another small scale study for a person transforming/dissolving into foliage. But this time, I'm thinking of trying something a little different: making it a diptych, by stacking another canvas on top of this one, in order to separate the body part from the leafy part,

I can't show you the two canvases together yet, because I don't have the second one prepared. In order that the two stretchers will be level, that is, stick out the exact same amount from the wall and thus have contiguous painted surfaces, I had to mail-order stretcher bars for the second canvas from Blick (we don't have one here in Portland, only a Utrecht, which is basically fine, if a bit limited). It so happened that the canvas for the legs was  made with Blick stretcher strips, and they happen to be maybe a 1/8" - 1/4" thicker on the side than Utrecht stretcher strips, making it impossible to combine the two brands into a nice, level diptych. Slightly irritating. Re: stretchers: I have a real saga to share with you on this subject, but it's not quite resolved yet into an entertaining screed. Stay tuned.