Indirection Progress

indirection Here's the latest incarnation of 'Indirection'. It's coming along. The hands are not quite but almost finished, and I'm working on all the overlapping marks in the surrounding field, going for controlled chaos. They're a combination of measuring marks, which I used to draw the hands accurately, and also too, as Sarah Palin would say, looser, more expressive marks. One of the tricky things as I work to finish the painting is figuring out how to balance these two types of marks - I don't want them to end up all one way or the other. But I guess that's actually one of my fundamental goals for my paintings - I never want them to be resolved all in the same way, but always hope they can function as a kind of hybrid. A foolish consistency being the hobgoblin of small minds, as Emerson wrote. (People always leave out the "foolish" part of that quote, which to my mind is essential to its meaning.)