Money Matters

I've decided to post all my expenditures on art supplies and related necessities. I've been saving my receipts for years, in anticipation of the time when I actually make some money from this and can deduct my expenses. But I've never added it all up, and I'm curious to see what my yearly total will be. And also horrified, in advance. As my painting teacher Nancy Mitchnick used to grouse, artists are the only people in business who have to buy retail, and sell wholesale. In case you didn't know, artists get 50% of the selling price when their work is sold in a gallery. Not that I don't want a gallery! But I want a good one. Anyway, I had to go to Utrecht yesterday, having run out of some colors and also Turpenoid, the odorless mineral spirits I use as a solvent. I also had a 20% off coupon for canvas products, and I wanted to see if it would apply to linen. I don't think it was supposed to, but they were nice enough to give me the equivalent in a manager's markdown.

Here's the breakdown:

1 gallon Turpenoid @ 32.99 minus a 12.00 discount with my ArtSmart card

1 40ml tube Williamsburg Olive Green @ 13.99

2 40ml tubes Williamsburg Naples Yellow Italian @ 9.99

1 37ml tube Gamblin Prussian Blue @ 8.79

1 37ml tube Winsor Newton Purple Madder @ 10.39

1 37ml tube Gamblin Cerulean Blue @ 23.19

1 150ml tube Gamblin Raw Umber @ 19.99

1 54"x3YD piece of linen, type 74D @ 65.19, minus 13.19

No sales tax, courtesy of the state of Oregon

Grand Total: $170.10